Drawing on the beautiful shapes and techniques of traditional basketry, my baskets are designed for use in modern life.

In my research and practice I am unfailingly inspired by our ancestors’ knowledge and use of local resources, refined and perfected over the millennia, and have a deep respect for these ancient crafts and the natural world. Handwoven baskets connect us to our local landscape, the seasons and our heritage; a last bastion of a non-mechanised way of life.

The materials I use are all grown locally and being involved in the processes of harvesting, drying, sorting and preparing is gratifying, deepening my understanding and appreciation of the plant kingdom.

Somerset is a county historically renowned for its willow growing, and its slow flowing rivers provide the ideal growing conditions for English bulrush. Late June sees the start of the rush harvest, immersed in the water using a traditional wrought iron hook to cut the rush close to the river bed. Weaving with this wonderful material in the depths of winter evokes memories of darting dragonflies and the occasional silent heron in flight. Winter is the time to tend to withy beds when the leaves have dropped and the plants are dormant – coppicing the willow promotes more growth the following spring, and the cycle of seasons continues.